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Hangover Relief Drink

As magical as it may seem, the effects behind Vitadrop’s hangover relief drink are really a unique blending of scientific, and natural remedies. Researched, tested and verified by our team of experts.

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Vitadrop is not like regular caffeine, energy drinks, or hangover pills. It supports your energy levels and body that day after drinking with a powerful blend of all 4 key electrolytes a unique vitamin B complex and curated minerals. Your body is given the tools to fight the feelings associated with excessive consumption of alcohol.

Vitamin C

Vitadrop contains 100mg of Vitamin C the ultimate powerhouse vitamin. Vitamin C may help protect your body against the damaging effects of alcohol.

B Complex

Vitadrop contains 8 powerful B vitamins which are often depleted by regular alcohol consumption and have direct impact on energy levels and brain function.

Coconut Electrolytes

Vitadrop contains a concentrated form of electrolytes, vital to hydration , sourced from green coconuts. The coconut electrolyte powder contains all 4 key electrolytes: Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium and Calcium.

Did you know?

Hangovers are costly...

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But what are hangovers?

With the global party phenomenon showing no sign of slowing down, we find it a little surprising that when it comes to the science behind a hangover, scientists still don’t fully understand why we experience the fatigue, headaches and even anxiety that follow a few drinks, long after your body has metabolised the last traces of alcohol. 

What we do know is that dehydration plays a pretty major role in the symptoms behind a hangover. Because alcohol is a diuretic, we tend to lose a host of vitamins, minerals and nutrients during a night on the town.

Our bodies are made up of 60-80% water, and at just 1% dehydration, we start to feel the effects of this depletion. From responding to and coping with stress, to brain fog and difficulty controlling our emotions, it’s safe to say that hydration plays an important role in how we feel the morning after. 

How to avoid Hangovers

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First and foremost, make sure you hit happy hour hydrated. Picking the right foods before you indulge in a night (or day) of drinking can also help control hunger and balance electrolytes.

The right base can make the world of difference when it comes to the adverse effects associated with alcohol.


Avoid sugar filled cocktails and caffeinated mixers where you can. Not only do they fall short when it comes to actively replacing what you lose on a night out, but they spike your blood sugar, adding to your dehydration.

Try subbing your G&T for a gin and soda. Not only does it taste great with a slice of cucumber, but it will help keep you hydrated.

Research shows that darker drinks like red wine and whiskey tend to worsen your hangovers. So if you’re looking for another reason to stick to that gin, here it is. 


With a nasty tendency to cause sleep disturbances, rehydrating and replenishing will help metabolise alcohol and support a better night's sleep. Pair with some B vitamins and you’re likely to wake up feeling fresher.

Starting the morning with a boost of vitamins and electrolytes will help keep you hydrated, replacing the nutrients lost the night before and minimise the stress alcohol brings to your body.

Always drink Responsibly

Despite the positive results from The Daily, we do not condone excessive drinking of alcohol. Click here for government guidelines related to responsible drinking.