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Caffeine vs B Vitamins

Caffeine and and sugar can give you an instant energy boost (and many of us love that little jolt).

But B vitamins can also help get your energy up by helping release energy from your food – and doesn't carry some of the drawbacks of caffeine either.

So, is one better than the other?

Caffeine reliance

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Lets paint a little picture

Your alarm has gone off at least three times. Struggling to remember what day it is, you’re barely able to open your eyes. You need to get up for work.

Two double shot espressos by 9:00am and you’re finally gaining a little momentum for the day ahead. Just a rough start to the morning, right?

The afternoon rolls around, and you’re trying to convince yourself not to nod off at your desk. You go to get yourself yet another coffee or energy drink to help get you through the day.

And by 8:00pm, you are the most awake you’ve been all day - sleep seeming like a near impossible task. Where was all of this energy when you needed it twelve hours ago?

Sustainable energy

B vitamin Benefits

Did you know?

They're Essential

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Lani Revel

Before Vitadrop I would sink maybe 3 to 4 coffee's a day. This amount of coffee was not great for my own mental health and I had to make a change.

I started taking Vitadrop as part of my morning routine, but now I like to take it at lunch around 1.30 to replace coffee and combat the arvo slump.


I started with Vitadrop about 6 months ago because a friend recommended it to me as an alternative to another effervescent supplement (hydralyte). I liked the taste and got a nice buzz without the jitters/anxiety that coffee sometimes produces for me.


Our Verdict?

Now we love our coffee at Vitadrop HQ and we'd never stop you indulging your morning coffee..... However, if you’re looking for a more sustainable and longer-lasting energy boost, then it’s time to take your B vitamin consumption in to consideration. 

The Daily provides a caffeine-free alternative to coffee with 15 essential actives to power you through the day, without disrupting your night.