Vitadrop understands a want for health, but a need for a good time. Made from the highest quality ingredients, in accordance with the strictest standards and obsessively improved based on the latest science.

Restore the elusive balance between your lifestyle and overall health today.

Why It Works

The Daily electrolyte drink was created by a team of Australian scientists who identified 15 essential micronutrients that your body must have for optional functioning, without artificial stimulants.

15 Key Ingredients

Each drink contains 15 essential ingredients for your body’s natural processes, in natural forms that your body can absorb.

Water Soluble 

All of the bioactive ingredients are 100% water soluble which ensures fast, clean absorption into the body.

Electrolytes From Green Coconuts

It's important to replenish electrolytes, do it naturally with our proprietary electrolytes sourced from real green coconuts.

TGA listed

If potent products matter to you, look no further. All Vitadrop's are 100% Australian made and listed with the Therapeutic Goods Administration, ensuring that products are made to the highest standards in the world.


Vitadrop's The Daily contains 15 naturally-sourced electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals formulated to relieve symptoms of hangovers or your money back.

B Vitamins

Vitadrop contains 8 powerful B vitamins which are often depleted by regular alcohol consumption, having direct impact on energy levels and brain function.

Vitamin C

With 100mg of Vitamin C, also known as the powerhouse vitamin, The Daily may help protect your body against the damaging effects of alcohol.

Coconut Electrolytes

With a base of green coconut water powder, The Daily contains a concentrated form of electrolytes, vital to hydration.


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  • Get your daily dose.

    Vitadrop is an Australian made, scientifically formulated and TGA listed solution of vitamins and electrolytes made to replenish all your daily micronutrients to help you beat the rigours of modern life.

  • Boost Your Energy

    Need hangover relief? Vitadrop electrolyte drinks are filled with naturally sourced vitamins and minerals to boost your hydration and enhance energy levels to get you back on your feet faster.

  • What Will You Refuel?

    Daily Energy: Energy enhancer that replenishes the electrolyte, minerals and vitamins we lose through exertion each and every day.

    Nightly Sleep: A natural sleep aid drink to ease your mind for a better rest.

  • Where to buy?

    Shop the range and buy Vitadrop electrolyte drinks here.


That's why we happily offer a 100% money-back guarantee