Vitadrop - Aug 10 2020

The hot new addition to the family

Introducing our new Medical Director, Dr. Baback Amen.
Dr. Baback is a physician with a relentless passion for applying his medical
and scientific training to the study of vitality and longevity promotion. 
After graduating with Honours from Monash Medical School, he launched
into a highly successful career in the field of cosmetic and anti-aging
medicine. Baback’s professional interests have always placed a strong
emphasis on the role of nutrition and intelligent supplementation in
cultivating optimal wellness. He firmly believes that true health can only be
attained via a holistic outlook that addresses not only the body, but also the
mind and the spirit. 

Vitadrop co-founder, Charlie Wood describes the process of bringing Baback
into the company:. 

“We created Vitadrop because we wanted to shake up a pretty stale category. Dr Baback Amen is a pillar for our community to unite around. He embodies our ethos and affirms our commitment to efficacy, authenticity and innovation. We’re thrilled to welcome him into the team and look forward to announcing the first product that he has created for us in the next few months”. 

Our vision has always been to create the best possible products, and to
provide unparalleled nutritional benefits for our customers. The medical and
scientific knowledge provided by Dr. Baback will ensure that we not only
reach our goals, but will also revolutionise Vitadrop’s product development so
that we can consistently attain the highest levels of quality and innovation for
our current and future products.

Baback will also feature significantly on our social media channels, allowing
our followers to benefit directly from his expertise in all matters related to

His personal wellness philosophy is that radiant health isn’t just about getting
your diet and exercise dialled in:

The key to "true wellbeing is about nourishing all aspects of you, such that you do something that you love, cultivate deep and meaningful relationships, and also attend to the vitality of your physical body, each and every day. In sum, being radiantly well is all about being the most fulfilled version of you” he says.  

We couldn’t be more excited to have Dr. Baback on board and look forward to sharing his contributions with our community.