Annie Nilsson - Mar 29 2021

Customer Spotlight: Meet Lani

Not only is she a paediatric nurse, avid gym goer and DJ, she's one of our coolest customers.

Give us a little insight into your schedule. What does a day in the life of Lani look like?

This one is a good question, cause a day in the life of me is such a mixed bag!
During the week I am a busy nurse on a Paediatric Surgical Unit and no day is the same. You will find me looking after kids who have had surgery as well as medical treatment for chronic illnesses.

Outside of these crazy shifts, I’ll be either setting up for a Netflix binge or letting off steam at the gym - it’s really one way or the other! Then I enter my double life where on occasional weekends, I DJ for Melbourne Entertainment Company. I’ll perform at corporate events and weddings, it’s a really nice break from the stressors of hospital life. Being able to provide people with fun dance-floor music and entertainment is really satisfying!

When do you find yourself struggling for motivation?

During the week, it’s definitely the 3pm slump. This is either when I’m finishing my shift and all I want to do is go home, lay down and put my feet up. I’ll find I crave comfort food and scrolling on my phone for way too long.

After DJ gigs it’s the morning after a late event where I want to be a sloth in bed! The constant change in body clocks between nursing shift work and DJ gigs makes it difficult to find a proper routine. This leads to a lot of unmotivated times and catch up sleeps for sure.

We all know how hard it can be to overcome those moments, what do you do to get past it?

Firstly, phone down and try and get myself out of the social media rabbit hole. Then move! I try to live an active lifestyle so I set exercise goals and plans for myself based around my shift work routine. Whether it's going to the gym in the morning before an afternoon shift or vice versa, I try to have one activity a day that’s outside of my nursing work commitments.

I know it’s cliche but getting some fresh air and finding something to do outside really helps. It’s not always a gym class cause sometimes I just cannot bring myself to go, it’s more or less a simple walk or checking my herb and outside garden (very proud of this one).

Lani, you’re an old friend of the Vitadrop Team, when did you start taking The Daily? 

I started taking it to help with recovery after a weekend. But honestly I really started appreciating it and regularly taking it when the pandemic hit and I needed some extra fuel to keep me going on long shifts.

I found it comforting that I could hydrate properly with vitamins and nutrients that I know can replenish my body during shifts where I’m constantly on my feet and unsure when I’ll get a break. I actually keep my sachets in my locker atwork, my colleagues love them!

So, what's your verdict? 

I crave less caffeine and quick sugar hits, which I love! Drinking this must give me enough replenishment that my body stopped craving the morning coffee hit that it used to. It’s also helped keep me accountable for drinking water and staying on top of my hydration. On shift, I feel more focused and energised, and feel reassured that I’m fuelling my body with proper nutrients.

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