Jane Ingram - 7 September 2020

4 Gut Healing Superfoods

Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine famously said, “all disease starts in the gut”, and with the variety of gut issues we face today, it’s probably a good idea to understand the different ways to help support your gut health.

Many experts advocate the importance of your gut in your overall health and wellbeing. So, naturally it should be the first thing we look to support before we can heal anything else.
To help you navigate the wonderful world of superfoods, we thought we’d do some research and give you an update on some of the newer, and lesser-known products that might help your unresolved gut issues.

Bitter Melon
Bitter melon is known for being great for digestion for a number of reasons. It curbs hunger, cravings, and reduces our impulse to overeat, which is one of the most taxing things for digestion. This is largely due to bitter melon’s ability to increase glucose metabolism and balance blood sugar, and may even aid in weight loss.

Bitter melon also has high dietary fiber, easing indigestion and constipation issues, plus its antimicrobial properties assist with overgrowth and liver detoxification.

As the name implies, the fruit is incredibly bitter. Luckily, it's available as a natural supplement, helping you bypass the unique flavour. For, if you’re feeling curious and want to give the real thing a go, it’s often available at Asian grocers.

It doesn’t end there. Additional benefits of bitter melon also include assisting in liver function by increasing fat emulsification, and is also a natural cancer fighter due to its immune boosting properties increasing our natural killer cells.

Black seed oil

Made from black cumin seeds found in Southwest Asia, the Mediterranean, Africa, black seed oil is a strong antibacterial. With the imbalance of bacteria serving as the root cause of most gut issues, this is super important, with some studies showing it may be beneficial against particular strains of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

This oil can be taken internally or topically on the skin, and is particularly helpful for those who have tried antibiotics without much success.

This special supplement is also known for liver support, gut and skin health, assisting in weight loss, and banishing infections.

Swedish Bitters

Swedish bitters support your entire digestive system, particularly the stomach. It also offers a much better solution than digestive enzymes or stomach acid, which can have negative side effects with long term use.

Instead of adding digestive enzymes, Swedish Bitters activate the vagus nerve to produce your own enzymes and HCL naturally. For this to work you need to taste the bitters.

It’s not effective in capsule form, relying on stimulating the bitter taste buds to initiate the digestion process in the body. While capsules still have beneficial effects on the rest of the GI tract, a teaspoon of bitters in water 20 minutes prior to each meal has the best effect.

Alternatively, apple cider vinegar offers a less potent version that can be used in food including tasty salad dressings, and broths.

Slippery Elm
Slippery elm is one of our favourite anti-inflammatories due to it’s a soothing effects on the gut.

Easily added to smoothies, cooking, soups, and other beverages, from the throat down to the large intestines it coats the GI tract with its mucilage and protects the entire digestive system.

While the list of different things you can try is endless, starting with one supplement at a time is a great way to see its effect on your body, and eliminate anything that isn't working. 

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