Ruby Pryde - Feb 02 2021

How to create a realistic, and sustainable workout routine

It goes without saying that the fitness industry is one of the most influential and popular industries of our time.

With a market size in Australia of close to $3 billion dollars, we certainly haven’t left a stone unturned when it comes to the variety of workouts available to us. The likes of interval training, strength training, reformer pilates, boxing and even naked yoga! The possibilities really are endless.

For many, the actual workout in itself isn’t the problem, but more so creating and maintaining a fitness routine that is realistic, sustainable and engaging.

So with that being said, we’ve broken down some of the key factors to help make your workout routine something you'll want to stick to.

Figure out what time you like to work out.

Whether it be before the crack of dawn, during a lunch break or after a big day at the office, the timing of your workout is one of the first steps to orchestrating a bullet proof routine.

Are you someone who thrives when training in the morning, but find your snooze button is more active than you are? Or do you force yourself to get up at the crack of dawn, even though you know you get the most out of an after work sweat session?

Whatever team you bat for, if you are going against what your mind and body desire, it is inevitable that within a matter of time, you are going to begin to resent your training sessions. By creating this resistance, you my friend have just bought yourself a one way ticket to having your workouts feel more like a chore than a fun and invigorating way to nourish your mind and body.

Our suggestion? Figure out, both physically and mentally, when your body thrives the best during a workout. Whatever time of the day that may be, do your best to make it happen or as close to as possible. Not only is your training experience going to be more enjoyable, but you are going to perform and respond better in each session.

Find what you love and keep your workouts varied.

A trap that many of us have fallen into is choosing a style of workout that has been marketed as either; A) the hottest new trend or B) the style of training that is the best, no matter who you are.

The fact of the matter? Every body is different. Working out is not a one size fits all, and having that mentality can leave you feeling confused and unmotivated.

Whether you’re a gym junkie, a die hard yogi or simply just enjoy the great outdoors, there really is room for everyone when it comes to what kind of training is on offer. Finding what you love, and doing more of it, is going to turn your dreaded sweat sessions into some of the favourite parts of your week.

But like anything, repetition can not only become stagnant from a physical perspective, but also a mental perspective. Humans need to be stimulated, challenged and put somewhat out of their comfort zone to keep their brains (and bodies) on their toes. If we are exposed to the same stimuli repeatedly, we become, well, bored! No matter how much we might love something.

Exercises scientists at the University of Florida found that individuals who modified their workouts every two weeks over an eight-week period, were not only more inclined to stick with their exercise programs, but actually enjoyed them more. Compared to that of individuals who followed the same program over the eight weeks.
So, in addition to adding more in of what you love, try adding something different into your schedule here and there, that throws you a little outside your comfort zone. As well as being an epic form of mental stimulation, surprising your body every so often with something new is going to yield better results in your overall strength and performance.

Learn to LOVE the process, not just the end result.

Without sounding preachy, your happiness is not going to be defined by having washboard abs, or a peachy butt. No matter how much influencer marketing might tell you otherwise.

Sure, they might provide us with momentary satisfaction and stroke our fragile ego's with constant validation, but real and deeply fulfilling bouts of happiness are not going to be met in the mirror.

Creating a workout routine that contributes to your overall confidence is where you'll find the real satisfaction. Whether it be coming to the end of the week and being able to tick off each scheduled workout, maybe noticing yourself performing better and feeling stronger both in and out of the gym, or even something as simple as forming new relationships with like minded people.

It's within this process that you'll likely find yourself loving your workouts AND sticking to them, rather than just dreaming about a bangin' bod. 

And finally, just start. 

It’s not often we would recommend doing things without thinking, especially when it comes to your health. But when it comes to taking a leap into a new workout routine, it might just be the best thing to do.

While we're not suggesting you jump head first into something your body can't handle, we'd like you to imagine for a moment; sitting on the couch, debating whether or not you should work out today.

Your internal dialogue initially started out relatively positive and you’re excited by the prospect of a sweaty endorphin rush. But before long, your brain has orchestrated an aesthetically pleasing PowerPoint presentation on why working out today is just not going to happen. The excuses, whilst simple, are incredibly effective. Alas, a missed workout and a momentarily happy ego.

So, when we refer to ‘Just Start’, what we mean is don’t think about it. Don’t weigh up the pros and cons and for heaven's sake do not ask your internal dialogue for advice.

Make the decision, get up and get going. Not allocating time for thinking leaves less room for excuses. You may not thank us during the workout, but you’ll sure as hell thank us after!

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